CD Recordings

One Voice: Greatest Hits, Volume 2. Echo Women’s Choir, Conducting and Piano, Toronto, 2017.

Complex Identities in a Shifting World—Musical Expressions. Producer, Choral Conductor for tracks 5, 7, 8, 9 with the Toronto School of Theology Choir and Vocalist and Claves with Tom Reynolds, Bill Kervin, and George Koller on Track 10: Reconciliation Suite. Toronto, Emmanuel College, 2015.

I Still Have Joy: H.E.R.E .[Hotel Employees and Restaurant Employees] Local 75 Choir. Conducting and Piano, Hotel Employees and Restaurant Employees Local 75 Choir. Toronto, Deep Down Productions, 2004.

Gonna Sing and Shout: Echo Women’s Choir 10th Anniversary. Conducting and Piano. Toronto, Deep Down Productions, 2001.

Parlour Songs and Heart Songs. Piano, with Alan Gasser, tenor. Toronto, Deep Down Productions, 1998.