As a professor . . .

. . . I foster communities that are transformational spaces of mutual learning where students can explore questions about context in a respectful and safe environment. I also encourage critical questions about the social implications of students’ learning.

My pedagogy is praxis-oriented, contextually rooted, collaborative, experiential, intercultural, and interdisciplinary.  

Practice and Praxis: In the classroom, both in person and on-line, I integrate practical and theoretical modes of learning. Teaching practical theology invites an approach that is praxis-based and student-centred. I encourage students to explore the complex variety of theoretical approaches I use from the perspectives of their lived experience, whether in classes on contextual and practical theology, worship, preaching, faith formation/education, or congregational singing. I prioritize the formative critical aspect of education, emboldening students to exercise their agency in the classroom and beyond. As such, I also insist that students connect these theoretical approaches to practical skills in leadership so that they can be ethical leaders with hearts committed to community engagement. 

St. Andrew’s College

PA 397 Intercultural, Ecumenical and Interreligious Ritual

PA 110 (PA 010) Introduction to Christian Public Worship

PA 212 Preaching: The Word in Worship

PA 160 (PA 060) Introduction to Christian Education

PA 391 and PA391G Emerging Perspectives in Liturgy and Practical Theology

IU 701: Qualitative Research Tools and Application  

PA 352: English Language and Culture for Canadian Pastoral Contexts

PA 381: Learning Circle 1—Skills and Reflection in Pastoral Ministry

PA 385: Learning Circle 5—Transition into Ministry

Other Courses

St. Paul University, Ottawa: THO2119: Liturgical Praxis, Culture, and Context—Liberating Liturgy

Emmanuel College, University of Toronto, Toronto, Canada: Director of Chapel – EMP3113HY; Toronto School of Theology Choir – EMT 2875HY  

Seminario Evangélico de Matanzas, Cuba, in Spanish: “Lo Cultural, Teología y Liturgia” with Néstor Medina